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Last Minute Rental Deals

Please call or email to take us up on the deals listed.
- Last Minute deals-
Updated 10/8/17  @  10:15 AM EST
has to be paid at cash.me site above or a USA bank deposit, Google wallet, chase quick pay, Bank of america xfer, or your willing to pay the 3% credit card charges. SECOND UNDER 3 NIGHTS FINAL CLEANING OF $20 added in. SO BOOK 3 nights.
Apt 1 OCT 8th-10th, 16th-25th.  $90/night (2 bedroom PH)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=143
Apt 3  OCT 8th-11th, 15th-28th. $90/night(3 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=146
Apt 5 OCT 8th-17th.  $75/night http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=148
Apt 9 OCT 9th-11th, 15th-19th  $95 night (2 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=155
Apt 15 OCT 9th-12th, OCT 15th-19th, 23rd-26th  $180/night (6 Bedroom Hot tub) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=161
Apt 21 OCT 9th-12th, 23rd-26th.  (1 bedroom)  $60/night    http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=167
Apt 22 OCT 9th-12th, OCT 15th-29th  (2 bedroom) $85/night  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=168
Apt 23 OCT 9th-12th, OCT 15th-19th, 23rd-26th (3 bedroom) $120/night    http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=169
Apt 24 OCT 9th-12th, 15th-19th, 23-29th.  $165/night PH(3 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=170
Apt 26 OCT 8th-20th, 24th-31st  $80/night 28th-1st  (2 bedroom) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=172
Apt 27 OCT 8th-12th, 15th-18th, 22nd-26th $165/night(3 bedroom PH)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=173
Apt 28 OCT 8th-12th, 15th-18th, 21st-26th   $80/night   (2 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=174
Apt 29 OCT 8th-12th, 15th-18th, 22nd-26th  $230/night(5 bedroom 2 apartments)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=175
Apt 30 OCT 15th-25th   $90 /Night(2 Bed)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=176
Apt 31 OCT 22-31st  $70/night(2 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=177
Apt 35 OCT 18th-29th.  $60 night(1 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=181
Apt 36 OCT 8th-13th, 22nd-31st. $60/night (1 bedroom)   http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=182
Apt 37 OCT 23rd-30th  $60/night (1 bedroom)    http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=208
Apt 44 OCT 8th-12th, 15th-25th $80/night (2 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=190
Apt 45 OCT 8th-20th  $80/night (2 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=191
Apt 47 OCT 8th-15th, 20th-26th.  $90/night(3 bedroom)  http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=193
 Apt 48 OCT 8th-12th, 15th-19th, 24th-25th, 29th-1st. $165/night(3 bedroom PH) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=194
Apt 57 OCT 11th-12th, 16th-20th, 24th-31st $70/night(2 bedroom) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=203
Apt 65 OCT 8th-12th, 16th-26th  $60/night(1 Bedroom) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=215
Apt 66 OCT 8th-13th, 16th-19th, 23rd-31st  $60/night(1 bedroom) http://pobladorentals.com/rental_detail?id=216
Please call 917-476-3304 or email info@pobladorentals.com to book.  Must mention this AD, any quote given will not be this price unless you mention it.