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The Rules

What it takes to book a place

50% down to book and 50% cash here plus a security deposit. Coroprate Stay bookings through us is 60% down and 40% here.

The other ones we do case by case depending what the owner wishes

Acceptable free methods to pay 50% down.

Deposit at chase, Citibank, Santander, TDbank, Bank of America. Popmoney, Dwolla, chase quickpay and google wallet. Colombian Banks Banco Caja Social and Alianza Valores.

plus our own US portal. https://cash.me/$pobladorentals

Paypal and or a credit card if you wish requires 3% added to deposit to cover that fee.

Second Portal for booking:


above any country and type of credit card.

Balance here in cash to manager dollar, pesos or euros plus at time of check in the security. Exact change be helpful. If your paying in pesos look at
, that's how we figure it out.

Cancelation or changes.

Over 30 days full cash refund. Over 14 days credit towards future stay in the same apartment. Under 14 days loss of booking deposit.

Please don't come here and say nope I don't want the apartment. Questions should be asked prior to arriving. Noise concerns, stairs, location. Ask. It's not a hotel. That apartment is reserved only for you. Please don't show up and say I want my money back. The videos and address will give you a fair assessment of what to expect. I encourage you to ask questions prior to booking. If your not sure because of work please don't book till your sure. If it's the case just wing it pay nothing and show up to see what's open.

THERE IS NO CHANGING APARTMENTS UNDER 30 DAYS. After booking you have 24 hours if the booking is under 30 days out to change your mind and ask for a refund.


There are no refunds for inclement weather, deaths or other issues beyond your control. Trip insurance or look into what your rental insurance covers for under $40 you might be re-imbursed for everything.


1 single or couple per bedroom per apartment. If it's a 5 bedroom we don't want 7 guys to stay there even if your ok with sharing. Don't even inquire if your more guys then bedrooms. Summer camp this is not.

Daily cleaning is not included that's a hotel. Wifi issues we can't always solve understand it's not the best wifi here. Water sometimes gets shut off. There is nothing we can do they don't even say anything. It comes back in under a few hours. Please don't ask for any kind of refund or credit do to either.

If your going to act crazy we have a apartment or two for this just tell me ahead of time.

If you broke something tell us. We seen it all. We will try and fix it as cheaply as possible. This way we still on good terms. Don't tell us some story.

Under 4 nights there is a final cleaning fee. We haven't raised most of our rates like the other companies do that hit you with booking

fees and high security deposits. Some of the other owners require a cleaning fee if its under 4 nights.

You can not bring anyone on to our property under 18 who are women. We will turn you into the police. I'm very serious. If this is for you please seek help.


If the police are called or a ambulance for any reason pack your bags your out. Control yourselves. You don't want to get arrested trust me.

Do not call Ruben after
or before 10

unless it's a emergency. Let the man have a life. If he is not answering the phone you probably called to early or to late. Check in is at 1pm and check out is 11am. So 9am on a Sunday morning I am betting it goes to voice mail. Call me if your panicked. 917-476-3304

Thank you one and all for 5 glorious years

Barry Brachfeld

Poblado Rentals