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Museum Antioquia    

Location: Carrera 52  

Botero exhibits outside, paintings inside. A must see if you like art in medellin.

Guatape & Pienol    

Location: Guatape 40 minutes outside medellin  

After visiting and walking up the 750 stairs of the Penol de Guatape, We took a cruise in the Laguna Guatape in the Majestic and it was one of our best days there, lost of sunshine, great food, lost of music and the view was out of this world.

Arvi park    

Location: Medellin  

Great natural beauty and very easy to access from the city metro. The zip line was especially fun and safe. The trails with birds and orchids were amazing

Explora park    

Location: Carrera 52 # 73-75  

They are expecting donkey carts and straw hatted local farmers. Imagine their utter surprise to find

Fernando The Driver    

Location: Medellin Trusted driver  

+57 300 475 2504 Whats app number. the man is trusted, solid has a big car and a yellow taxi. Fernandothedriver@yahoo.com

Coonforma Water Park    

Location: Estrella   

http://www.comfama.com A very nice place to come with the family for the day.