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Code : 1

2 PH Penthouse Roof Deck AC in Bedrooms. Calle 10     

Parque Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 bedroom penthouse apartment off calle 10 very close to Lleras. Has a great terrace, with a bar, bbq, and loungers. Go out the door your 2 blocks from the action. The apartment has big beds, flat screens in all room, ceiling fans, DVD players, bar

Code : 2

4 Bedroom Combo Park Lleras 3 & 302: 2     

Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 Bedroom on 2nd floor apt(3), with AC in bedrooms, a bar, a hot tub. 4 Televisions plus a 1 bedroom on the 3rd floor(APT 36).

Code : 3

3 bedroom Re-done Hot Tub Balcony AC Now:     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

House Gets AC. House gets a re-do May 1, 2015 with a hot tub AC added to house 9/2/15 The house is 3 blocks from Parque Lleras, very close to Avenida Poblado. It offers all the conforts of home. Washer Dry, Wifi, 3 Bedroom, balcony, BBQ, BAR. New

Code : 4

Studio Inside lleras Next to studio #7     

Park Lleras above divino Cielo  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Most awesome studio. queen bed, TV, washer and dryer, a balcony to hang out on and people watch, 24 hour security. Wifi, wall safe. Next to apt 7. very good sound proofing but no sound proofing in the world will squash all the noise on the weekends.

Code : 5

Viscaya Chalet House: 5     

Cheapest 3 bedroom we have and really nice!  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

The cheapest 3 bedroom we have. But still outside area. bar 4 tv\'s hot water wifi, washer and dryer. Up the hill from Lleras. A fast taxi ride down. Each bedroom has it\'s bathroom, wall safe. GREAT SPOT for $80/night

Code : 6

2 (2) bedroom Apartments AC, hot tub!: 6     

Poblado, 6 blocks from park lleras 2 blocks to park poblado.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is two (2) bedroom apartments in the same building. On the second floor APT 44. On the third floor apartment 28. Both apartments are pretty identical to each other. Both have AC in bedrooms, Hot Tub, wall safes, wifi, washer and dryer

Code : 7

Parque Lleras Studio: 7     

Middle Of Parque Lleras.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Studio apartment inside Park lleras. Even with sound proofing your in the bar zone. Second floor of a hotel private apartment. Hot tub, full washer and dryer, wall safe, wifi. Close enough to walk to everything. A.T.M, Restaurants, and night clubs.

Code : 8

Combination of apt 9 and 22 to form a 4 bedroom with a interior staircase.:     

Poblado on calle 8  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a two bedroom on the second floor(Apt 9) plus another two bedroom on the ground floor. the apartments have a inner staircase we unlock when you rent the combo of these two apartments. 2 Hot Tubs. wifi, AC in bedrooms.

Code : 9

2 Bedroom modern with Hot tub, AC     

Calle 8  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is our new 2 bedroom Baby. 3 blocks from Park Lleras. Steps from Avenida Poblado. You have all buses, A.T.M. and Exito Express supermarket right outside your door. The apartment has a hot tub in master. 2 bathrooms. Brand new kitchen. Terrace.

Code : 10

Combo of apt 23 & 24 (6) bedroom:     

Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a combo of Apt 24 the penthouse 3 bedroom with private roof deck. Plus the 3 bedroom directly below making 6 bedrooms. The apartments connect via inner staircase when you rent this combo. 2 Hot Tubs. Bar on the roof. private.

Code : 11

Top 3 APTS-8 bedrooms 9 bathrooms. 3 Hot Tubs     

Perfect for groups, Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a combo of APT 24,23,9. 8 Bedrooms in all 3 apartments. Main building you would occupy. 3 Hot Tubs. AC in all bedrooms, in room bathrooms. Private roof deck to entertain.

Code : 12

Combo of 9 and 23 to form a 5 bedroom     

Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Two apartment combo in same building floor 2, is apt(9) which is a two bedroom. Then on third floor a 3 bedroom(Apt 23). They do not connect inside but are just one flight above or below. Hot Tub\'s AC washer and dryers. Bot apartments have small balc

Code : 13

1 Bedroom Apartment AC, Hot tub 1 block from Park Poblado     

Cheapest 1 bedroom Hot tub on our list Thats nice as can be.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

HUGE 1 bedroom AC, Hot tub, wall safe, huge bed, washer and dryer 1 block from supermarket. 1 block from Park Poblado. This is cheaper then our studio in lleras but its a 1 BEDROOM. LOVE this place come see why. $1275/month, $675 for two weeks.

Code : 14

1 bedroom apartment AC in building. close to lleras. Very comfortable nice size one bedroom     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

BEST VALUED 1 bedroom on the entire list. 3 nights min please. Monthly $1250 2 weeks $650. AC, 2 Flat screens a block from supermarket. 6 from lleras one from park poblado. Ac in both living room and bedroom. Real washer and dryer. Shared wifi.

Code : 15

6 bedroom AC. Hot Tub Park Poblado 2 decks. Hot Tub     

Park Poblado Area Manila Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

6 bedroom, 7 bathrooms, Hot Tub. AC in all bedrooms. All in room bathrooms. Two terraces a front and back. Wifi, TV in all rooms. Washer and Dryer. Wet bar in the back. living room has a social bathroom. All Rooms have safes inside closets.

Code : 16

Rent the Block 14 Bedrooms. 6 Apartments. Good For group functions     

Calle 8 3 blocks from lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a entire building on Calle 8. Penthouse a 3 bedroom(Apt 24), 3 bedroom apartment below it that connects by inner staircase(Apt 23), Second floor not connected is the 2 bedroom(Apt 9), Apt on second floor is connected by inner stairs

Code : 17

5 Bedroom Top and Bottom Combo, Deck, and all apt have AC. APT 24 and APT 9     

3 blocks from Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a combination of having two separate apartments in the same building. Although THEY DO NOT CONNECT. Its two flights of stairs. They are APT 9 and APT 24.

Code : 18

2 Bedroom Apartment Elevator     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Gorgeous 2 bedroom, High floor, Gorgeous furniture. Balcony, Elevator, Washer no dryer, fans No AC. Great balcony. Please inquire i do not update calendar.

Code : 19

Half a building 7 bedroom 3 apartments.     

Park Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is 3 apartments. All have a video walk through for you to check out. APT 401(website unit 27). Penthouse duplex. Roof deck biggest hot tub I know of. Holds 8-10 people. great views, small little get together are fine.

Code : 20

4 Bedroom Combo of 2 Apartments. PH and 1 Bedroom ROOF DECK:     

Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a combo inside our building of the penthouse 3 bedroom(APT 24) with private roof deck and a addition 1 bedroom on the ground floor(Apt 21). They are not connected. Both apartments have hot tub, AC, wall safe, flat screens, and washer and dryers.

Code : 21

THE 1 bedroom apartment     

poblado Calle 8 Suits ground floor  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

1 bedroom ground floor calle 8. Wifi & Two Television. Washer and dryer queen bed. Hot Tub. Full kitchen. Wall safe. 3 blocks from Park Lleras.

Code : 22

ground floor gorgeous 2 Bedroom Hot Tub     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a 2 bedroom on the ground floor on calle 8. it has two queen beds two wall safes 3 flat screens, washer and dryer wifi. it connects to another 2 bedroom on second floor (Apt 9) by inner staircase. That can be rented together for bigger group.

Code : 23

3 Bedroom hot tub, Park lleras     

Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 bedroom, AC in all bedrooms, In room bathroom, all rooms have wall safes, wifi, washer and dryer. 3 blocks to park Lleras. 3 men or 3 couples. Have more people? rent more apartments in building.

Code : 24

The Penthouse @ Calle 8     

Calle 8 EL Poblado 3 blocks to Lleras.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

The Penthouse. 3 Bedroom, your private roof and bar. Bar and fridge and views and TV and a place to kick it. 2 King and 1 queen. AC in all bedrooms and kitchen. Connects to APT 23. Wifi, wallsafes.

Code : 25

4 bedroom Combo of 2 Apartments in Park Lleras AC all Bedrooms. Wifi 2 hot tubs     

Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 bedroom with AC in all bedrooms APT(23) and Apt 21 a one bedroom on ground floor. THEY DO NOT CONNECT. 2 hot tubs perfect for 4 guys or 4 couples.

Code : 26

Calle 10 Soltano 2 Bedroom Ground Floor Hot Tub AC     

Calle 10 & Avenida Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

duplex 2 bedroom on Calle 10a. Ground Floor entrance. 10 meg wifi router in apartment. (3) flat screen TV, Modern kitchen. Washer and Dryer. 2 wall safes. AC units in bedrooms and living room.

Code : 27

Penthouse 3 bedroom AC HUGE HOT TUB, connects to the other 3 bedroom Penthouse     

Calle 10 and Avenida Poblado next to supermarket Poblado, 5 blocks to Park Lleras.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

The Penthouse on Calle 10a. Duplex 3 Bedroom. 1 king and 2 queen beds. Wifi, 4 TV\'s Biggest hot tub I know of in a daily rental. BBQ, Views. 4 bathrooms. Washer and dryer. 3 single men or 3 couples.

Code : 28

2 bedroom Calle 10A Apt 301 Hot TuB, AC. 5 Blocks to Park Lleras     

EL Poblado By Park Poblado 5 blocks to Park Lleras. Supermarket across the street.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

two bedroom directly below but not connected (Apt 28). Routers for wifi in the apartment. All bedrooms have in suite bathrooms. Hot Tub, washer and dryer. Queen beds in both bedrooms. Wall safe in both closets.

Code : 29

5 Bedroom 2 apartments one floor below each other a 3 bedroom PH and roof deck and 2 bedroom     

Calle 10a, by Park Poblado 5 blocks to Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Apartments in same building one floor apart. 3 bedroom PH(APT 27) with the private deck and a 2 bedroom one floor below(APT 28). There not connected but a floor away, 5 singles or 5 couples a perfect combo.

Code : 30

Two Bedroom Park Lleras, Hot Tub, AC, MODERN     

Park Lleras, Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Bedroom in the middle of LLeras. Hot Tub in the living room. Both bedrooms have queen bed, wall safe and AC units. There is wifi and 3 tvs plus a washer no dryer. Perfect spot for party people. You go down stairs and your in the nightlife.

Code : 31

2 Bedroom AC in living room, Ground Zero Location. Hot Tub     

Park Lleras by hooters  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Bedroom in Park Lleras. 3rd floor middle of the bars and the night life. Washer no dryer. 2 queen beds. 3 TVs AC in the living room that cools down this small 2 bedroom with a hot tub and 2 bathrooms.

Code : 32

4 Bedroom Combo of apt 30 and 31. Floor 3 and floor 4     

Park Lleras 1 block from Hooters.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is two apartments one (2) bedroom on the 3rd floor(APT 31) and one (2) bedroom on the 4th floor(Apt 30). Both apartments are one floor apart, they are not connected. Each have AC and a hot tub, wall safes and wifi. Washers no dryers.

Code : 33

11 Bedrooms entire Building (5) apartments. Good for Functions     

Calle 8 and Ave Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is the entire building on calle 8. 5 apartments. Penthouse with roof deck(apt 24) connects to the 3 bedroom by inner staircase below(Apt 23), then on second floor a 2 bedroom(Apt 9), that connects to a 2 bedroom on the ground floor(Apt 22), and a 1

Code : 34

9 Bedrooms 4 apartments on calle 8     

Calle 8, 3 blocks from Park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is 9 beds over 4 apartments in the Calle 8 building. The Penthouse with the private roof deck a 3 bedroom(Apt 24), one floor below that connects via inner staircase(Apt 23) This is another 3 bedroom. On the second floor that does not connect is a 2

Code : 35

1 Bedroom on Calle 8 Apt 303     

3rd floor over apt 3. 3 blocks from Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

1 bedroom Calle 8, third floor. Hot Tub, 2 AC units. Queen bed, washer and dryer. Two TVs. 3 blocks from park lleras. Router in the apartment. Wall safe in the closet.

Code : 36

Calle 8 1 bedroom Apt 302     

Calle 8 and ave poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

AC, Hot Tub, and location not to mention big screen TV. 2 AC units. Wall Safe, 48 inch flat screen and another 40 inch flat screen in bedroom. Cable box. 10 meg WiFi queen bed.

Code : 37

1 Bedroom Apt AC HoT Tub Lleras     

Calle 8 and AVE Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

1 bedroom, 2 AC units. Hot Tub, washer and dryer. Queen bed 2 TVs Wall safe in closet. 3 blocks from park Lleras.

Code : 38

Combination of 2(1) bedroom apartments side by side. APT 35 & 36     

Avenida Poblado & Calle 8 3 blocks from Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 one bedroom apartments side by side. Both with AC,2 TVs, washer and dryers both have hot tubs. Queen Beds. Router for wifi in each apartment. 3 blocks from Park Lleras.

Code : 39

High Floor Studio Balcony Golden Mile     

Next To Oveido apt 1909  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Studio modern apartment off Avenida Poblado by the Oveido Mall. BBQ, terrace, Queen bed, Flat screen, wifi, washer. AC, Please received renovation 12/2/16.

Code : 40

Two (1) bedroom apartments side by side, APT 37 & APT 36:     

calle 8 & Avenida Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is (2) one bedroom apartments, right next to each other for people that want to come with someone else but would like a little privacy from them. Its Apt 35 a 1 bedroom with 2 AC units and Jacuzzi and Apt 36 the very same.

Code : 41

3 (1) Bedroom apartments all right next to each other. Apt 35,36,37     

Poblado Calle 8 & Avenue Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is (3) one bedroom apartments all side by side. APT 35,36,37. All having queen beds, 2 AC units in closet safe. Washer and dryer. Two flat screens each. Full kitchen, router in each room. Perfect for 3 couples or 3 singles.

Code : 42

Brownstone Entire Building 6 bedrooms Apt 3,35,36,37     

Calle 8 and Avenue Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is the entire building on Calle 8. 6 bedrooms in all and 4 apartments. Its composed of APT 3,35,36,37.

Code : 43

High End 2 Bedroom, terrace, AC Poblado     

Poblado Area High End AC 2 bedroom  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 bedroom high end near Park Lleras. Door man building. Very modern and balcony. Calendar is never updated here if you give me dates I will inquire. Prices are subject to change I don\'t own this. Do not auto-book

Code : 44

2 bedroom Calle 10a. Apt 201 Hot tub AC. Location close to Lleras     

Poblado close to Lleras , right off avenida Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 bedroom AC in both Bedrooms, wifi, washer and dryer. 2 queen beds. In room bathrooms. Safes in both bedrooms. Hot Tub in Living room. 3 tvs. 1 block to Park poblado.

Code : 45

2 Bedroom AC, Hot tub, Economical 1 block to Park poblado     

Park Poblado calle 10a. 6 blocks to lleras, 1 block to Park Poblado. 1 blocks to avenida Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Bedroom Apartment. AC in bedroom and in living room. Hot Tub in the living room. Washer and Dryer. In room Bathrooms. Wall safes. 3 tvs. WIFI, 1 block to Park Poblado.

Code : 46

9 Bedroom option. 4 apartments, for larger groups     

El poblado 1 block from Park Poblado, across street from avenida Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

4 Apartments that make up 9 bedrooms. 3 Bedroom PH APT(27), 2 Bedroom 1 floor down APT(28), one more floor down another 2 bedroom Apt(44), and finally the ground floor 2 bedroom apartment #26. AC, Roof deck functions big groups, and hot tubs.

Code : 47

Manila House. 3 bedroom house calle 14 Poblado. AC in bedroom and Living Room. Parking, wifi     

Poblado, Manila Area. 10 minute walk to Lleras, close to all.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 bedroom Apartment. Completely re-done. Area around here as some of the best restaurants around. AC in living room and all bedrooms. 4 TVs. Fiber optic wifi. 3 queen beds. 3 in room bathrooms. economical for 3 single guys or 3 couples. parking.

Code : 48

Penthouse 3 Bedroom Roof Deck. AC in living room, and Bedroom Private deck, Hot tub on roof.     

Calle 10A Poblado 1 block to Park poblado.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

The Penthouse. 3 Bedroom Duplex. Roof deck with hot tub on the deck. Views. Wifi. 4 bathrooms 3 in suite. Flat Screens in all bedrooms. 3 queen beds. Wall safes in all closets. Washer and dryer. 3 single men or 3 couples max.

Code : 49

2 Connecting Penthouses Hot Tub AC 6 bedroom. Private roof deck     

Two penthouses connected. Calle 10a  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Penthouses both 3 bedroom, that connect via unlocked door in the living room when you rent both PH. 6 beds all together. 8 bathrooms. 8 tvs. AC 2 hot tub. Duplex apartments. You have both Private roof decks when you rent both apartments. Wifi, safe

Code : 50

5 Bedroom Apartment in Poblado.     

Poblado Medellin, barrio Manila  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

5 bedroom Apartment middle of Manila area of Poblado. Close to everything. AC, Modern, gorgeous. Calendars and prices are not updated always. Please inquire with dates. prices are subject to change I don\'t own this.

Code : 51

3 two bedrooms apartments same building. 6 Bedrooms in total     

Park Poblado. Calle 10a, across from Supermarket on avenida poblado.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 two bedroom Apartments in our building. Apt 28,44,26 All 2 bedroom apartments. They have AC in bedrooms Apt 26 has AC in the living room. Each have a hot tub in the living room. Washer dryer. Please click more details for video link of all 3.

Code : 52

12 Bedroom 5 apartments, include two penthouses with both roof decks that connect inside the penthouses.     

Calle 10A & Avenida Poblado.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is 5 apartments in the same building. 2 Penthouses with both Roof decks that connect in the living room APT 27 & 48. Great deck, AC, Flat Screens. All bedrooms have at least a queen bed. Wall safes. Wifi. Videos of the 5 Apts click more details.

Code : 53

7 Bedroom Manila House option with the Huge Hot Tub and AC 6 bathroom:     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

7 bedroom house. Very contemporary. AC all queen beds. Wifi, Flat screens. hot tub. Very Close to exito poblado.

Code : 54

3 Bedroom Modern wrap around Terrace     

Provenza area of Medellin a few blocks from park lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

3 Bedroom wrap around deck Provenza area. 6th floor queen beds wifi and flat screen wall safe. BBQ and sauna. Elevator comes right into the apartment. Calendars are not updated please inquire Prices are subject to change without notice.

Code : 55

5 Bedrooms 2 apartments including PH     

Park Poblado Calle 10  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Apartments one the penthouse on the 5th floor with roof deck and Hot Tub(Apt 48) Plus the two bedroom on the 4th floor(Apt 45). AC, 2 hot tubs. 5 beds. 4 queen and 1 king. Close to everything. Private roof. Click more information for videos of both

Code : 56

1 Bedroom Laurles     

Laureles Circular 2 66b-76  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Brand new 1 bedroom in laureles. King bed. Huge TV, wifi washer but no dryer. Terrace. Close to everything cool in Laureles. Please give me dates first do not auto book.

Code : 57

2 bedroom fantastic apartment AC in bedrooms and Hot Tub     

El Poblado 1 block from Park Poblado.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

2 Bedroom Apartment 1 block from Park Poblado. Hot Tub, Washer and Dryer. AC in both bedrooms, In Suite Bathroom, Wall safe in each closet modern Kitchen, wifi. Close to everything.

Code : 58

2 Bedroom 16th floor Doorman pool     

Calle 1 sur #35-170 Poblado  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

New 2 bedroom 16th floor. Doorman. Pool, Washer no Dryer. 2 TVs one in each bedroom. 2 elevators. Terrace with outside sitting area. Brand New kitchen. our fist place in a long time with a pool. Calendar is not updated here. Do not auto-book pleas

Code : 59

Amazing Doorman AC 3 bedroom Poblado with Terrace     

Poblado By Park Lleras  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This unit has has a private elevator entrance directly into the apartment. How is that for cool? Newly renovated with beautiful modern touches throughout. All 3 bedrooms have amazing views and are equipped with air condition, comfortable queen sized beds.

Code : 60

Most Incredible Pool Penthouse Poblado 5 bedroom WOW!!!!:     


 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Fantastic Duplex Penthouse 5 bedrooms. Private Pool. 2 Hot tubs. Doorman. Wifi. 2 terraces. Washer and Dryer. 5 guys or 5 couples. Price slightly cheaper for less people so inquire and I will get a quote. There is no equal. DO NOT BOOK THIS THRO

Code : 61

4 Bedroom Duplex Elevator into apartment provenza area     

Provenza a few blocks from lleras.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

4 Bedroom Duplex on Calle 6. Wrap-around Terrace. Elevator right into the building. Duplex. Awesome views. Provenza area. Calendars not always updated at all. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Code : 62

9 Bedroom Building we own Roof deck AC 4 Hot Tubs     

Park Poblado, Calle carrera 43b.  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

This is a make up of 4 Apartments in the same building on carrera 43b. The penthouse Apt 48, 3 bedroom. Apt 45 a 2 bedroom on the 4th floor. Apt 57 on the 3rd floor. Plus two one bedrooms on first and second floor. Apts 13 and 14. Please click more

Code : 63

Studio By oveido Mall     

Poblado off Ave Poblado apt 2003  

 Rental with Free Wi-Fi

Brand new studio in a door man building by the Oveido Mall. Terrace, great views, high floor, AC. Brand new. Calendar is not updated please inquire.